Monday, February 11, 2013

Going Green Does Not Necessarily Mean CFLs

There is a common misconception about going green with your light bulbs. Many assume that tto go green with your light bulbs means simply getting rid of your old incandescent light bulbs and replacing them with CFLs. While this is a good step to get you going, and is a basic of the overall movement, going green encompasses so much more than just that.

Lights By H.H. is a company that is devoted to getting companies and individuals in on the green movement, and reduce their overall energy used -- in-turn lowering carbon footprints. While this can be done with CFLs, one must look at the big picture of a lighting situation. Full spectrum light bulbs can sometimes be a better replacement than CFLs, especially if you are lighting a large space. You have to consider that CFLs do take less energy to power, but also put out a more conservative amount of light. So, if you have a grocery store, or large warehouse, replacing them with CFLs would be ridiculous and would end up needing more energy or more bulbs to make a safely lit environment.

Additionally, high bay lighting that has been optimized for the correct light level can reduce the need for lightbulbs. In this case as well, CFLs are not a "green" option. The idea is to plan your lighting scenario carefully and let the experts at Lights By H.H. assist in making your business greener, while still keeping it safely lit.