Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Give to a Good Cause, Before Tax Season

Photo Courtesy of Nature's Vision Fundraising

Tax season is creeping up on us quite quickly now. How are your finances looking? Are you wishing you could have had more deductions and/or write-offs this year? Well there is still time for you to do a good deed, and get some money back from the government as well. 

Donations are a great way to ease the burden of your taxes from year to year. There are plenty of incentives and benefits from making monetary donations to the various green fundraising and non-profit organizations; the trick is that you need to know what your limits are, how they will effect your end of the year taxes, and which charity, fund, effort, or organization you would like to donate to.

The most important thing to do before you donate, is to speak with your tax professional or CPA and find out what your donation limit is -- there is only so much you can donate in a single tax year without incurring taxes. Your limit depends on several factors including, salary, dependents, tax brackets, and other factors that change from person to person, and circumstance to circumstance. 

Once you know your limits and how a donation value will effect your end of year taxes, you need to select an organization to donate to. This is completely up to your tastes, standards, hobbies, or your opinions. The only requirement is that the charity must fall under the rules and requirements set forth against any organization that wishes to be designated as a not for profit charity. This is where coordinating with your tax professional can come most in handy. 

To learn more about non-taxable donations, green fundraising efforts, or other benefits you can attain through donations, visit Nature's Vision Fundraising at:

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