Friday, January 4, 2013

Your Own Secret Garden

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There is something ethereal and wonderful in nature that warms our hearts and leaves us with a relaxed feeling of pleasure. Getting back to nature has long been touted for its health benefits; hiking, gardening, camping, and other outdoor activities give us needed exercise and desired pleasure. Stating the facts, adults over the age of forty that own and tend to their own gardens have half the risk for heart attacks as those who don't spend any time gardening. Additionally, gardeners have a 67% less chance of developing diabetes than non-gardeners. The health benefits aside, having your own garden is a very comforting feeling.

Gothic Arch Greenhouses is making this feeling more readily available to Americans this year with special deals on its greenhouses for personal, commercial, industrial, and institutional uses. The prices on greenhouse kits and greenhouse supplies have been slashed this year as there are more and more people eager to have their own greenhouse. The rise in popularity of organic and non-genetically modified foods, coupled with an overall "go green attitude" in the American Public, have led to more and more homeowners adding a greenhouse to their property.

The benefits of having your own greenhouse are immense. The health statistics alone prove their positive benefits, but if you need more of a reason to install a greenhouse, just think of the relaxing times you can have in your new secret garden.

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